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ALN Math Talk Highlights

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A month ago we started our ALN Math Talk webinars where we answer your questions about online lessons, math learning, and the meaning of life.  Here’s a highlight of the past four webinars, who the guest panelists were, and what questions they addressed during the webinar.

Check out these past episodes on the Webinars page of our website.  If you want to catch the action live, register for next week’s webinar and join us at 4:00 on Wednesdays!

Webinar 1: Getting to know All Learners

ALN panel: John Tapper, PhD., Sandi Stanhope, Erica Moy

Questions addressed in this webinar:

  •  What advice would you give teachers trying to make online learning work?

  • How do the ALN online lessons help teachers during this time of remote learning?

  • Is it okay to pick and choose pieces from the online lessons?

  • How effective is it to introduce division of fractions using common denominators?

  • What suggestions do you have for formative assessment as we transition from school to home learning?

Webinar 2: Getting to know All Learners 2

ALN panel: John Tapper, PhD., Dr. Fran Huntoon, Glenn Patterson

Questions addressed in this webinar:

  • What can teachers and parents do to support students who might be having difficulty with the math they’re doing at home?

  • What do you say to parents who just want us to explain the right way to do the math?

  • Why does asking “sense-making” questions help students who are struggling?

  • What are the critical elements for teachers if they want to be sure they are supporting ALL the learners in their classroom?  What pieces need to be in place if every kid is going to learn?

  • What does it look like in the classroom when kid’s input and thinking is valued?

  • What does it look like for students with difficulty in communicating in terms of being participants of these classroom conversations?

  • What are some strategies or resources when supporting students with intellectual disabilities during this remote learning time?  How do teachers best leverage their one on one time with these students?

  • How can teachers or families support students to persevere in those moments when they get stuck?  What strategies can help learners make meaning?

  • We have many struggling learners whose caregivers are essential employees or working full time at home.  What suggestions do you have for independent learning opportunities and maintenance of learning when students have less access to adult support?

Webinar 3: Getting to know All Learners 3

ALN panel: John Tapper, PhD., Dr. Robert Laird, Erin Oliver

Questions addressed in this webinar:

  • What role should family members play in supporting students during remote learning?

  • What are some ideas for “low-tech or no-tech” remote learning opportunities?

  • What are some math learning games (not online games) that would benefit our youngest learners?

  • What are good ways for teachers to be checking in with their class right now?

Webinar 4: Supporting Teachers with Strategies for Online Distance Learning

ALN panel: John Tapper, PhD., Paula Jensvold, Sally Zimmer, Kathy deNatale (3 South Burlington math coaches)

Questions addressed in this webinar:

  • What advice do you have for our teachers teaching from home, particularly for reaching learners without internet access?

  • What is the difference in the kinds of things you ask K-2 students to do for math at home versus what is asked of your older students?

  • How are you assessing students’ progress and deciding what growth looks like?  What does assessment look like during this remote learning period?

  • What are some of the impacts you think this spring will have on students’ math learning, both positively and negatively?

  • What advice would you give to incoming teachers who will be teaching math for the very first time in the fall?

  • What are the critical pieces that a district needs to take on if they want to improve math learning for ALL students?

Published: May 7, 2020