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Happy New Year!

As we welcome the new year we hope you all are doing well, staying safe and taking time to relax and rejuvenate. We have ended what was an unprecedented year that has required educators, students, parents, and the world to be flexible, adapt, and face seemingly constant changes. Just as you had to adjust and rethink how your teaching looked in the move to remote learning, ALN has faced similar challenges. We provided lesson support in Spring 2020 to be another resource for educators preparing to teach remotely. This fall in the world of hybrid, remote and in-person teaching happening in schools we introduced a menu subscription service for teachers for grades K-4


Just as classrooms for students moved to the internet, we shifted our in-person workshops to the virtual classroom with both synchronous and asynchronous options. We have learned along with all of you and hopefully have continued to be a resource and mathematics community. The end of year was busy with our annual conference, resources online if you missed them, and other online offerings. As we started our free online workshops this winter, we have had the pleasure of working with educators throughout Vermont and beyond our borders. No longer are our workshops limited by region, but instead filled with participants from North to South and East to West, bringing together colleagues from different regions and districts. Facilitators have enjoyed learning with all of you, and have recognized the amazing makeup of groups that we have been fortunate to gather - even if it is on the computer screen - to engage in valuable conversations, learning, and sharing. We look forward to continuing this experience with all of you as we enter into 2021. New events, new resources, and new offerings are all being planned and launched on the website as we enter into this new year. We look forward to seeing you, online for now and hopefully in person soon.