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5 Free Workshop Recordings to Further Inclusive Math Instruction

Accessible and engaging professional development for math educators is always on our minds here at All Learners Network (ALN). We are committed to supporting teachers and pedagogy so all students can access quality math instruction. We do this through our online platform, free resources, events, and embedded professional development. While we know our highest possible impact is when we can work directly with a district, administrators, schools, and educators, we also believe strongly in providing quality professional development resources that are accessible and engaging. This is why we offer free events, share many of our resources free of charge, have a weekly blog post, and even have a free membership level for our online platform.

From November 2022 to January 2023, we hosted several free workshops that offered participants key takeaways all centered on inclusive math education. We wanted to gather all of our recent recordings in one place so that you and your colleagues could access them easily.

November 2022 - January 2024 Recordings

30 Minute Intervention Block (November 2022) - In this hour-long workshop recording, ALN’s Ashley Marlow and Jennifer Dale discuss instructional routines and small group lesson structure that promote high engagement and interaction with quality math tasks for all learners. We also share resources to use when designing your intervention, as well as assessments and progression documents that you can use to set meaningful goals.

Finding Balance in a 60 Minute Math Block (December 2022) - This 1-hour workshop supports educators in crafting a balanced math block that supports the needs of all students. ALN Facilitator Erin Oliver discusses the All Learners lesson structure that promotes both inclusion and differentiation and shares resources to use when designing learning opportunities for students in every part of a balanced math block..

Setting Up School & District Math Instructional Systems to Support ALL Learners (September 2023) - ALN Founder Dr. John Tapper outlines what is needed when implementing MTSS in schools and districts. This includes quality Tier 1 math instruction, systems for identifying students who need an additional layer of support and use of formative assessment to understand student thinking. 

Everyone is an Interventionist: Creating a Robust and Effective MTSS (November 2023) - Purposeful inclusion of all students requires proactive, intentional, and effective Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). In this recorded session, ALN Facilitator, Kate Hughes, leads us through exploring how to use the All Learners Network (ALN) High Leverage Concepts (HLCs), the High Leverage Assessments (HLAs), and the HLC Learning Progressions to design targeted intervention cycles in mathematics. This recording is geared towards K-6 classroom teachers, special educators, interventionists, coaches, school psychologists, and anyone involved in an MTSS or Educational Support Team (EST).

Moving Beyond “Do It Like Me”  (January 2024)- It is time to move beyond teaching by telling during the main math lesson and embrace teaching through inquiry. Teaching kids step-by-step procedures and then asking them to replicate your thinking creates equity issues in the classroom and keeps kids from developing a deep conceptual understanding of big mathematical ideas. Hear more about 4 strategies that can be used during your main lesson to increase access and inclusion for all kids. Empower your students to develop rich, connected conceptual understanding and empower yourself to move beyond telling kids to "do it like me."

This hour-long recording, ALN Facilitator, Tara Trudo, explores these four strategies:

What Now?

  1. Check out our High Leverage Concepts (HLCs) and watch our HLC Explainer Videos.
  2. Review the ALN Lesson Structure and read more about its application.
  3. Register for one of our upcoming events.
  4. Bring All Learners Network (ALN) into your school or district for embedded professional development.

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All Learners Network is committed to a new type of math instruction. We focus on supporting pedagogy so that all students can access quality math instruction. We do this through our online platform, free resources, events, and embedded professional development. Learn more about how we work with schools and districts here