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Assessment Tools for Math Educators

Wondering how to become a better math teacher? All Learners Network offers math assessments, math worksheets, and other classroom tools to help educators improve math instruction for all learners. 

High Leverage Assessments (HLA)

All Learners Network has developed High Leverage Assessments that help educators assess current student understanding around the High Leverage Concept at a particular level.

The High Leverage Assessments are designed to help identify what students CAN do so that educators can plan next instructional steps using the HLCs and Learning Progressions. Remember, these assessments are not assessing all of the math standards for a grade level, just the High Leverage Concept we have identified.

The HLAs are designed to be used as formative assessment, rather than a scored assessment. In fact, there is no rigid scoring guide provided with these assessments. Teachers should look at the work to identify use of models, strategies, and any misconceptions to inform their whole group, small group, and individualized instruction. ALN uses a work sort protocol for this process that has been developed through our rapid cycles of inquiry.

The HLAs can be used across a classroom or a grade in order to collect formative assessments of student understanding for planning small groups or menu activities. Teachers, special educators, and interventionists can also use the HLA from another grade level to get a more accurate understanding of where a student is currently along the HLC continuum.

We recommend using the HLAs in September, to see what students are already able to do with the grade level concept, and again in January to check in and make instructional decisions, and then in May in order to have time to intervene if needed before the year is done. However, this is not intended to be a rigid assessment calendar - educators have flexibility in how they use the HLAs to fit the needs of their learners and instructional planning.

Early Math

Pre-Kindergarten HLA


Elementary Math

Middle School math

Grade 7 HLA

Proportional ReasoningHLAGrade7PR-Thumbnail

Grade 7 HLA

Expressions & EquationsHLAGrade7EE-Thumbnail

Grade 8 HLA

Expressions & EquationsHLAGrade8EE-Thumbnail

Grade 8 HLA

Linear RelationshipsHLAGrade8LR-Thumbnail


math intervention planning tools 

Our team of facilitators created an Intervention Planning Template for small groups or individuals during the first or second layer of instruction. This template and provides a framework for planning student support.   

We also created an Intensive Intervention Planning Template for individuals during the second and third layer of instruction that would benefit from a more intensive intervention plan.


Learn how to effectively teach math using these resources or discuss how we can partner with your district to improve math learning for ALL students.