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Games Before Kindergarten


 The purpose of this initiative is to support access for all children to engage in games before kindergarten, which will foster experiences developing foundational number sense and mathematical reasoning.

How do we do it?

Most of the work we do at All Learners Network is centered on teachers, schools, and districts. And - we know that parents and caregivers are often looking for support around early math introduction.  Because we know and believe that building positive early experiences for engaging with math can have a big impact on mathematical understandings later in school, we have made some of our resources accessible for home use as well. When we created our Games Before Kindergarten resources, we focused on games that kids could select as they want with a focus on easy-to-find materials. For $10, you can download our entire Games Before Kindergarten booklet so you and the young learner in your life can learn and play together.
The $10 Games Before Kindergarten Booklet includes:
  • 30+ pages of games, printable cards, and guidance
  • A "Grown Up Game Plan" for helping to center the child's math journal
  • Insight on the math that is being learned and practiced through the games
  • Reassurance on supporting a child's productive struggle and what that can look like


"Flip the Cups" is a great game for early learners - and beyond! This game focuses on connecting a number word to a quantity (numeracy) and on different ways to combine numbers to make the same total.

we can work with your child's school

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Are you interested in connecting us with your child's school to see if we can work with their teachers? Schools and pre-schools can hire us to provide professional development all-around math instruction. Complete the form below and we can reach out to your school.