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High Leverage Concepts

High Leverage Concepts (HLCs) are one of ALN's trademark resources. These are key understandings identified at each grade level across Pre-K through Grade 8. They help focus math instruction by identifying the big ideas at each grade level that will support success in the next grade.

The HLCs are deeply connected to multiple standards across every grade level from the Common Core State Standards. Special educators and interventionists find them especially helpful as they identify the most meaningful areas for focus during specialized instruction and math intervention.  They are also helpful in planning instruction for students who struggle with misconceptions or incomplete understanding from previous grade levels, allowing educators to focus on the most essential concept from the previous grade during math intervention to close achievement gaps and work toward proficiency in the current grade level’s math concept.

Additionally, our team has developed HLC Learning Progressions that help math educators break down how students develop the overall high-leverage concept for each grade level and across grade-level bands from early learning, elementary grade math, and middle school math content. We have also created explainer videos to visually unpack the math content in the HLCs and Learning Progressions.

Early Math

Grades PreK-2 HLC Map

Download a free copy of the High Leverage Concepts for early learners. 


elementary Math

Grades 3-5 HLC Map

Download a free copy of the High Leverage Concepts for elementary grades. 


middle math

Grades 6-8 HLC Map

Download a free copy of the High Leverage Concepts for middle school grades. 



Grades PreK-8 HLC Maps

Download a free copy of the combined High Leverage Concepts across all grade levels.



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