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Leveraging summer school for student math growth and teacher professional development.


The only way to improve math outcomes and achievement is through focusing on instructional practices and teachers' math content knowledge. Our Summer Math Lab program is designed to address the math needs of students and the professional development needs of teachers. We often spend two weeks in schools with this model, supporting teachers in the morning with differentiated and inclusive math instruction, and then, providing teachers with professional development in the afternoon.  The High Leverage Concepts (HLCs) illuminate these mathematical concepts and the HLC Learning Progressions provide a road map for instruction. 

In the afternoon sessions, our team provides collaborative coaching, shares immediate feedback, and guides lesson reflection with educators participating in this summer program. The afternoon includes opportunities for teachers to engage with mathematical tasks to deepen their own content knowledge.  They apply this deeper knowledge when they are looking at student evidence and planning for the next day’s lesson. Analyzing student work is an integral part of every afternoon session. Together, the participating teachers and our ALN facilitator team collaborate to plan for the next instructional session using both formative data and assessment data. Heavy emphasis is placed on pre-planning based on where students’ current understanding is. Our blog describes the Summer Math Lab in even more detail.

Check out our key resources at the bottom of the page to get an idea of what guides our professional development.


A two-week Summer Math Lab could be $35, 000 - $50,000* depending on size and need.

*Actual pricing is determined after meeting with a district (often multiple times) and creating the specific plan that works best for them while driving the most impact. These estimates are based on work with one ALN facilitator. Additional facilitators may be required based on number of participating educators.


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The High Leverage Resources

You can't teach students math without knowing where they need to go.

The High Leverage Concepts (HLCs) serve as a road map to assure that all students are meeting the most fundamental concepts to move onto the next grade. The HLC Learning Progressions were created as a resource for classroom teachers, math interventionists, and special educators who are creating learning opportunities for their students to achieve the concepts targeted by the HLCs.  The High Leverage Assessments (HLAs) are designed to help identify what students CAN do so that educators can plan next instructional steps using the HLCs and Learning Progressions.

Together they are the solution to our math learning crisis.


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